spite & bodysnatcher

Montag, 22 Apr
  • Doors: 18.30 / Beginn 19.00

When harnessed in proper fashion, anger unites.Spite attract outsiders together by way of a hypnotic, heavy vengeance bordering on thrash intricacyand deathcore intimacy.As a result, the Northern California quartet—Darius Tehrani [vocals], LucasGarirrigues [guitar], Alex Tehrani [guitar],Ben Bamford [bass],and Cody Fuentes [drums]—engender alevel of devout fandom that can only be categorized in canonical terms…“‘Spite Cult’is how we refer to the union between ourselves and the fans,” says Darius. “It’s theopposition, the outcasts, and the rejects of society coming together. They’re embracing who they areand not just doing what they’re told. We’re letting people know it’s okay to be angry. We’ve never had afilter on our lyrics. There’s no limit on what we might say or how deep the music will go.”The group’s willingness to push the envelope quietly transformed them into one of modern heavymusic’s most intense forces.Following 2016’s self-titledSpite, the musicians registered shockwaves onthe Richter Scale withNothing is Beautifula year later. Tallying over 5 million-plus cumulativeon-demandstreams, “Kill or Be Killed” notably racked up over 1 million Spotify streams and just shy of 1million YouTube views. The band destroyed stages coast-to-coast alongside everyone from Attila andOceano to Carnifex, Whitechapel, and Winds of Plague. Along the way,four-pieceprepared their mostincisive statement to date in the form of their third full-length,Root of All Evil[Stay Sick Recordings].This time around, they turned the anger outward, railing against everything.“Nothing is Beautifulstemmed from depression and self-hatred,” he explains. “We’ve shifted focus.Root of All Evilis based on outward anger towards everyone else rather than atoneself. We’reembracing the dark side.”Spite introduce this vitriolic assault with the high-speed and hard-hitting “Reign In Hell.” Tapping into ametallic side, the single ignites a fire that never stops burning, slipping from blast beats and breakdownstowards a head-spinning hookand provocative theme. Meanwhile, the title track sums up the missionstatement.“‘The Root of All Evil’is about embracing the darkness that swells in your core and going through withyour sinister urges,” he goes on, “No help to seek, no God above, no happy ending. While othersattempt to pick up the pieces of a failing society, you thrive in the negativity, the hatred, and theviolence.”In the end, Spite gives their cult a soundtrack withRoot of All Evil.“We want totake it to the next level,” he leaves off. “We want you to be gripping your seat from thefirst track until the very end. We hope you feel those waves of anger and hatred and know it’s alright tofeel like that.”